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Enigma started life on Twitter at the beginning of 2017.

I started it because I was shocked at the amount of people who were getting involved in betting, with no real idea of what they were doing. The hope was to try and share some of my experiences, methods, to try and help people understand the game a little better and, hopefully, make a little bit of money along the way.

Since then, my contributions on Twitter have evolved over my time on the platform. I have written articles, posted selections on various football markets, horses, compiled and shared statistics and offered advice wherever I can. The one common thread throughout everything I have shared is that it was simple to follow and had a low workload. That is how I like my betting, I am extremely busy with business, family and life in general, so all I do has to take the minimum amount of time for the maximum amount of profit. I am not saying there is anything wrong with other methods that require you to be sat behind the computer, or staring at your phone all day, I am just saying that’s not for me.

So in the past, and in building Enigmas following, I shared things that are/were popular on Twitter.

Over 0.5 goals selections was the first thing. Extremely short odds, around 1.35, high strike rate and easy to follow. It is a very difficult strategy to make pay long-term, but Twitter loves it because you can boom loads of winners as the strike rate is very high. Despite the difficulty in making it pay, in 2017, I posted 69 of these bets from January to December and achieved a profit of 11 points which equates to almost 16% return to level stakes. That may not look much from a points point of view, but I can assure you that there are not many people out there posting these, that are even in profit, let alone anywhere near that return.

Once I had gained some traction on Twitter, I stopped posting these as they are a high risk, low reward approach, which is not ideal for inexperienced bettors, which I believe is the majority of Twitter. It is a strategy that can breed much over confidence and lead people to overstaking due to the high strike rate. This ends badly more often than not. I still play these, but I do not share openly anymore.

Late 2017 stat sheets, with their pretty colours, on Overs and BTTS etc were all the rage. I quickly recognised these were very basic scrapes of popular betting stats sites, imported into a spreadsheet with a few basic filters applied. I decided to produce them as they were relatively easy and again very much allowed me to gild the lily. When I say that, I mean they were, and are, unaccountable stats. When we hit 9 out of 10 on a Saturday, I could “boom” them out. I did provide prices, and the implied odds of the filters performance based on historical results, however, I did not advise what was a bet or not. This is common practice with these sheets and allows people to boom the performance of the stats sheet without actually ever advising any bets, which means they cannot be held to the losers! They are provided on the premise of, “do your own research”. I kept these up for a while with a view of trying to make them profitable, with different parameters and filters applied, but ultimately, I never achieved it and so mothballed it despite people believing it was awesome down to the sheer number of winners. As I have repeatedly said, the number of winners is not a good indication of long term profitability.

I would be wary of all these “stats packs” in general. There is an increasing number of them, and an increasing number of people charging for them. They are generally just free-stats that you can get from any of the main stats websites with a few filters added. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my money on them, but hey it’s your money, do what you want with it.

At this point, I had enough of a following, to introduce some things that perhaps are not so popular on Twitter. Long odds, high turnover, low strike rate, horse racing selections.

Starting May 2018, I ran a three-month, open access, free trial of my horse racing selections which had around 750 subscribers. This went very well with us amassing 173.21 pts in 3 months. You can read the summary review and breakdown of those 3 months here. After this period, open access was closed and so this page and the premium Evening Service channel began.



Please, whatever you do, remember to bet responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose.
When the fun stops, STOP.

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