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What we do and what to expect…

Ok, so I guess the first thing to say is there is no BS here.

My bug bear on Twitter is people quoting unrealistic odds, booming every 1.5 winner, not keeping accurate records, after-timing, bookie affiliates, and generally the misleading of people for the sake of gaining followers and/or members. What you see is what you get here.

Now I realise some people are trying to make a living from their Twitter, however Enigma isn’t. Please do not think I am being arrogant when I say, I honestly could not care less if nobody follows these selections. I have a number of businesses, make good money from betting and generally enjoy a comfortable life. Regardless of if anybody follows or not, I will still be backing them personally anyway, so it really doesn’t make much difference to me. I want Enigma to be successful of course, but not at the cost of misleading people behind a veil of smoke and mirrors.

The aim is to provide a professional and transparent service, that is easy to follow, cultivates a professional approach to betting and, of course, delivers profit.

So, here is an overview of the characteristics you can expect from the Enigma Horse Betting Service.

Selections are sent out at a predetermined time, currently between 8.30pm and 9pm the evening before racing.

Selections are sent out via the “Telegram” app.

There may well be updates sent through on race day if things change with non-runners or ground changes, but these are minimal and are usually sent out with plenty of notice, in the region of a few hours. These are sent by Telegram also.

All bets are 1 pt win singles unless noted otherwise.

Selections are posted with advised prices. These are from the major bookies;

Bet365-Skybet-William Hill-Paddy Power-Unibet-Betvictor-Betfair-Ladbrokes

The price quoted will be available at a minimum of two of the above bookies – so no standout prices are quoted.

If B365 are 10/1, Skybet 9/1 and Unibet 8/1 – the quoted price will be 9/1.

If two bookies from the above list are at 10/1 – then I will quote 10/1.

This will, and does, short change my “shout out” ability on Twitter. August 2018 for example posted a 12 pt loss on the site profit/loss record, I personally managed a profit of 2 points on the month by obtaining better prices, so the difference can be significant. However, I want to quote prices that everyone can obtain and to be as transparent as possible with you, unlike a lot of the services you will come across.

All bets are recorded, and full profit/loss spreadsheet is available on request and monthly results are posted on here, both good and bad, no hiding.

Rule 4 deductions and BOG is, and are, accounted for in the results where applicable. The spreadsheet also records results to BSP.

The approach is a statistical, trend and data driven one in the main. I am not a form judge.

There are no write ups or reasoning provided with the selections as my opinion does not feature in the selection process, as such it is completely irrelevant.

It is a relatively high turnover service – you can expect to be placing around 150 bets per month depending on the time of year, albeit it is very low maintenance.

The various approaches I adopt may select the same horse more than once. In this case, we will place an additional 1pt win bet on the horse related to how many times it has been selected.

The approach is somewhat unorthodox to main stream tipping, in that I may back two, three or even four horses in the same race.

It is not the typical Twitter BOOM train.

Average odds are around 13/2 (or 7.5 if you prefer decimal) – which means the strike rate is LOW – around 25%.

This means you can expect to have around 75 losing selections out every 100 bets advised.

With a strike rate of around 25%, the service is more a stream of losers littered with good priced winners, than a constant stream of winners.

Think about that for a moment and ask yourself if you can ride out the resulting losing runs? Horse racing betting is tough. It can be a bumpy and testing ride, it isn’t easy, and it is not for all.

We will, and do, have LONG losing runs.

Losing runs between 20 and 30 bets are not uncommon.

It is not a service where you want to be watching the selections run on TV due to the above.

If you are not comfortable with that, please do not look to join.

A lot of the horses may appear to run badly.

That is to be expected, they are not odds on shots. We will put up 25/1, 33/1, 50/1 and 100/1 shots on occasion.

Don’t be surprised if these come last more often than not. They are that price for a reason.

We are just looking for that one time that they run above the market perception.

We do not get that many winners but, at the odds we target, we do not need many winners.

The advised starting bank is 150 pts. If you do not understand this, you need to.

Until you do, please do not join. This is all detailed in the free guide.

What that means is,

If you are betting £2.5 a point, you need £375.

If you are betting £5 a point, you need £750.

If you are betting £10 a point, you need £1500.

The target is to hit 30 points of profit each month with a ROI between 20-30%. Of course, this cannot be guaranteed and no pledges of this transpiring each month are given, but that is the target.

The approach requires a long-term approach – we would strongly suggest 3 months is the minimum length of time you should consider joining to give yourself the greatest chance of success.

The prices try to encourage this with the greatest period of subscription, offering the lowest costs.

I hope after reading the above you get some idea of what we are about, we are a straight up service offering long term proven profitable returns.

If you are interested in joining a winning team, then we look forward to welcoming you on-board – you can sign up here.


Please, whatever you do, remember to bet responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose.
When the fun stops, STOP.

If you are struggling with your gambling , you can get some great help here, – don’t be afraid to reach out.


Thank you for visiting the site! 

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